Wedding Services

Wedding Direction

Includes 12 hours of total assistance for rehearsal and wedding day.  I am the point person for anything you might need on the day of the wedding.  I oversee all vendors and set up of the reception and ceremony space, assist you in planning the ceremony and reception “order of events”, and will completely run rehearsal of the wedding to make sure everyone is on the same page and knows what they are doing.  I will also be available the whole week before the wedding to discuss in person, by phone or email any final needs and details as the wedding approaches. It is my aim to be the person that you, your groom, a vendor, or anyone else can come to on the day of rehearsal or the ceremony to give a task or ask for help.  You should not have any worries or concerns on your big day!
A brief contract will be signed by all parties that will outline in detail the responsibilities of all parties involved; clarity is of the utmost importance with so many details that are involved in a wedding.

Wedding Planning 
Additional $30/hour

Any wedding planning tasks requested in addition to wedding direction responsibilities (meeting with vendors, assembling favors, pick-up of materials, etc.) will be billed at a rate of $30/hour and will be added onto the $500 base price.

Travel expenses

I charge the standard mileage rate of $0.54 per mile, per the IRS guidelines.  This charge will be added on to the base price of $500 to make the full total for wedding direction.




Not crafty? Need signs, name cards, table numbers, or other decorative prints for your big day? I’m here to help!  Pricing decisions made on a case-by-case basis depending on items requested and materials required.  Inquire for more details.


“I can’t emphasize enough how amazing Anna was to work with. My wedding was not without challenges. Anna stayed calm, worked very professionally with our caterer and our venue, and came up with a solution, all while keeping me informed but not overwhelmed.Anna is one of the most organized people that I know, and if I had to do the whole thing again I would hire her in a heartbeat. She helped me think through details leading up to the wedding, but on the actual day I felt so comfortable just passing everything off to her. She took care of absolutely anything I needed, and really freed my fiance and I up to enjoy our wedding day. Everyone else noticed her hard work as well – my mom, bridesmaids, and even our photographer told me personally how much they enjoyed having Anna there, and how helpful she was. We love Anna, and I highly recommend her services!”

Haley {married June, 2014}

Anna directed our wedding in the spring of 2015.
In the months leading up to our special day, she made herself very available to me by meeting me for coffee (driving over an hour I might add) and promptly communicating with me through text or however I preferred.
On the actual day, Anna was much more organized than any normal person should be. She remembered how I wanted everything hung and how I wanted people to look in pictures and the whole day was executed perfectly due to her attention to details that most would overlook. Anna directed our 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen with ease by telling them where they need to be, how to stand, etc. I also never even really feel like I saw Anna on the wedding day because she was doing SO MUCH WORK behind the scenes!
Anna came highly recommended from a friend and I am so glad that I was able to use her for our wedding. We unquestionably could not have had such a successful wedding day without her assistance. Thank you Anna!
Rita {married April, 2015}

“Working with Anna was an absolute dream. She was organized, punctual, personable, and incredibly helpful. She made our rehearsal run quickly and smoothly, and I didn’t worry about a thing on the wedding day, all thanks to Anna. Her prices are extremely affordable as well!”

Laura {married June, 2015}

“As wedding photographers, we’ve worked with A LOT of wedding planners. Anna is by far one of the sweetest and most professional we’ve ever worked with. She handled everything with such grace and happy attitude. She didn’t let a bump in the road slow her down (like a complete last minute change in plans due to rain)! Hiring her is one of the best choices any bride can make for their day!”

A.J. Dunlap, Photographer, Raleigh, NC

“Anna was absolutely incredible. She was the safety net I needed on the day of my wedding. She made sure to know ahead of time everything I needed or wanted so that the day of I had nothing to worry about. She was willing to jump in and help with anything my mom or I needed the day of the wedding. She barely had to ask any questions the day of. Her presence was barely even noticed, all the while doing an amazing job of helping make decisions, set up, and make sure everything was perfect for me! She made sure everybody was in their places and the correct time, and that all of my decor was set up correctly. She made sure the vendors knew where to go, and that the timeline stayed on track. She was able to read the crowd and the flow of the evening to adjust the timeline as necessary. Her knowledge and expertise helped in making decisions I was uninformed on. Her professionalism and “laid-back” personality were perfectly balanced. I honestly cannot imagine this day without her!”

Megan {married November, 2016}

“Anna is the best!  She is so easy to work with, very organized, and just plain adorable.  I used her day-of services, but she was available for questions throughout the planning process.  Even when I just needed to get comfort that I wasn’t missing anything, she was happy to review my plans and provide her comments.  I was so impressed when she came to our “30 days out” meeting with my venue and had just as many questions for them as I did.  I felt completely assured that she was in control and would handle anything that came up on my wedding day!”

Kelly {married June, 2017}

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