What’s in a Name?

Well, hello there.  Welcome to Joyful Intentions, a place to learn together what it means to  intentionally approach life and to do so in a joyful way, even when life may not always be so joyful.

First, let me explain a little more about the reason behind the name for this blog.

Definition of joyful

  1. :  experiencing, causing, or showing joy

Definition of intention

  1. :  a determination to act in a certain way

I am a professional counselor and, in my work with my clients, I assist them in finding intentional ways to discover and maintain joy and peace in their families, relationships, workplaces, and in their personal lives.  As I continued to work on helping my clients with being more intentional, I realized I was failing to live this out in my personal life; I was not at all practicing what I preached.  So here we are. In my upcoming second post, “Year of 30”, you will see how I hope to practice living more intentionally in my 30th year.

I believe that to be intentional is to make a conscious choice each day to find joy, not mere happiness, in the everyday things.  It means acting in a way that brings joy to others, helps you experience joy, and causes a chain reaction of intention throughout every area of your life.

By starting this blog, it is never my hope to give the impression that I have life figured out, do things in the best way, have the best goals, cook the best meals, or do anything extraordinary.  I want this to be a place of encouragement, honesty, reflection, and fun as we explore how to be intentional in our relationships, in our faith, in our workplaces, and wherever else life takes us.


I look forward to finding new ways to have joyful intentions together!

You will also see that I offer Wedding Direction and Organizing services; two other ways that I love to help bring joy to others! Head on over to the links to find out more information if you or someone you know is interested.


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