Year of 30

I turned 30 back in December. Yep. The Big 3-0. I know many people have a difficult time with turning 30 but I thankfully did not experience that at all.  I have felt encouraged and excited about what lies ahead of me and the many lessons I can learn from years passed.  As a nod to this milestone birthday, this is my “Year of 30”; 30 intentions for my 30th year.  If you read the introduction to this blog here, you will know that being intentional is something I am endeavoring to do more of and is my reason for starting this blog in the first place.  So here goes:

  1. Learn one song on the guitar
  2. Become more proficient in sewing
  3. Do one adrenaline-rush activity/an activity way out of my comfort zone
  4. Travel more–out of the country at least once
  5. Take more actual pictures (i.e. not with my phone)
  6. Learn more German-started this for a trip last year and would love to continue
  7. Develop a more consistently healthy relationship with food, exercise, and body image
  8. Narrow down niche for counseling practice and gain professional development in those areas
  9. Build genuine friendships with those outside my regular group of friends
  10. Help others and those less fortunate in practical ways
  11. Read Bible more intentionally through deeper study
  12. Host a fancy dinner party…maybe more than one!
  13. Organize my home and life in effective and practical ways–and help others do the same!
  14. Write down and compile favorite go-to recipes
  15. Journal to record major life events so I can reflect down the road
  16. Read one book per month
  17. Make more intentional and humane choices with clothing and other purchases
  18. Only keep items that are absolutely necessary or hold a great deal of meaning
  19. Start the process of looking for land to build our Shipping Container Home
  20. Learn more–watch documentaries, read articles, research questions instead of just “googling”, etc.
  21. Bake something wonderful and technical (a la Great British Baking Show) at least a few times throughout the year
  22. Watch less TV/Netflix
  23. Continue to use technology in a productive and healthy way
  24. Stop saying “I’m Sorry” for no reason
  25. Develop a better system for meal-planning and cooking–and become a better cook in general!
  26. Consistently abide by a budget
  27. Practice more yoga for mindfulness and rest
  28. Discover new places in Charlotte
  29. Be more “in the moment” and don’t overly plan everything
  30. Stop comparing my list with others–what I feel like I “should be” doing, cooking, reading, excelling in, studying, etc.

There are many more small goals I would like to focus on but this is the most comprehensive list I could develop. I encourage you to develop a list of intentions for the new year if you haven’t already.  It helps to give some focus and, you guessed it, intention for your year.  Let’s grow together!


3 thoughts on “Year of 30

  1. Joy says:

    I loved reading your intentions. It encouraged me, and I kept thinking, “yeah! me too!” 🙂 …..thank you for sharing! Many blessings on this exciting new year for you!!


  2. kancell724 says:

    Thanks for linking up on my blog for Motivational Mondays. I turned 30 2 years ago and I’ve got to say I’ve loved being in my 30’s I feel so much better in my 30’s than in my 20’s. I hope your 30’s are amazing.


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